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Welcome to 1st Parcel Direct

“Leadership, Focus, Excellence”

Whether you’re looking for a large parcel courier service to transport heavier items or looking to send thousands of smaller items, 1st Parcel Direct has a tailored service for your specific postal requirements.

“1st Parcel Direct is one of the UK’s leading logistics providers with a strong management team, a diverse and flexible service portfolio and a strong customer base.”

About Us


Specialising in customer satisfaction, at 1st Parcel Direct, we provide reliable courier services covering local, national and international, Uk Parcel 24-hour Delivery, Pallet Delivery and Holiday Luggage Service.

We provide services for UK and International Parcel Courier collection, delivery and tracking. At every point in a parcel’s lifecycle, it gets a scan, this states where the package is in the UK or the world, and whether there are any issues that could cause a delay. We can provide you with real-time parcel tracking on every shipment you make.

If you’re looking for reasonable prices and high-quality parcel delivery services, 1st Parcel Direct has what you need. With years of experience, we know the delivery business inside out and we’re here to offer you the best help and support throughout every step of your parcel’s journey.

1st Parcel Direct Services

1st Parcel Direct’s developed a range of customer-friendly, flexible services are designed to give customers a range of choices enabling the most appropriate and cost-effective option to be selected. We also offer insurance for your parcels from £100 to £2.5K, just let us know what’s needed!

We aim to offer our clients fast parcel collection and delivery services at affordable rates, for international delivery from the UK to anywhere in the world.

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What We Do

Uk Parcel 24-hour Delivery Service

With rapid response and reliable delivery to anywhere in the UK, you’ll get fast deliveries at an affordable price, too with 1st Parcel Direct.

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UK Pallets Delivery Service

Thanks to our strong relationships with our customers and clients, we are able to offer affordable pallet delivery and shipping prices across the UK.

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Holiday Luggage Delivery Service

Import and Export your Holiday luggage, save yourself time, hassle, stress and money when it comes to luggage delivery.

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European Pallets Delivery Service

Rapid response and 3-7 day service to all locations in Europe, when you ship pallets with 1st Parcel Direct, you only pay for the services you need.

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International Delivery Service

Deliver your goods anywhere in the world, every year, 1st Parcel Direct get thousands of parcels to send worldwide through our parcel delivery service.

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What We Offer

We aim to offer our clients fast parcel collection and delivery services at affordable rates, for international delivery from the UK to anywhere in the world.

We Value You

We are committed to the use of leading-edge technologies that have the benefit of increasing productivity and improving levels of customer service. With the introduction of Smart cars to our fleet, we now offer motorbike and cycle couriers the opportunity to get ‘Smart,’ whilst using the two-seater minis as parcel delivery vehicles.

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